Sunday, 5 March 2017

February Meeting and Art Challenge

The speaker at our last meeting on 28 February was artist and sketcher Craig Paton-Ash.
There was an excellent turnout; extra chairs had to be borrowed from the coffee shop outside the auditorium!

Craig told us that he had no formal training, but has sketched and painted since his school days. He has only been able to devote himself to art full time since his retirement a few years ago. Since then he has won awards for his paintings and drawings.

He showed us some slides of his older work to show how his style and skill has developed. He started painting in oil but then changed to watercolour and now hardly ever paints in oil. He discovered along the way that paintings of cows sell very well! His subject matter is varied and includes, wildlife, street scenes, flowers and people.

He travels a lot (always with his sketchbook) and while in Spain did a lot of buildings. He showed us how he treats each window pane differently to avoid monotony. He advised us to have a plan before starting as to what you intend to create. 

Craig Paton-Ash - Street in Spain

He also told us that it is essential to learn to draw people as it is impossible to avoid them when sketching! Try and get a different angle on a subject - here he showed us a painting of a bird seen from below.

Craig works from photographs unless he is sketching en plein air. He told us that one can paint anything (and to illustrate this showed a slide of a drawing he had done of a sugar packet) - bird's nests, chairs, etc. He loves detail: skin lines, folds, texture and fur, and this is evident in his work, which has an illustrative quality. 

He uses devices like lines to lead the viewer's eye into a work. An artist he admires is the Bahamian realist watercolourist Stephen Scott Young.
Other tips he gave us: The background is as important as the subject. Drawing should be the cornerstone of your art. Look first at the shape is this is the basis and you need to be able to draw this. Also don't forget the negative spaces.

Craig then showed us the different stages of a sketch he did at an airport. He looks for perspective and outlines everything quickly in case things change, although he does look for subjects who look as though they will remain in position for a while! Background figures can be treated simple as shapes. 

Craig shows us how he treats background figures.
He then showed us the different stages of a detailed watercolour of minstrels marching. he starts with a detailed outline drawing and adds washes, gradually building up the colour and tone. He moved some objects and eliminated some details to improve the composition.

A stage of the watercolour.

Craig is also an enthusiastic participant in the annual Sketchpack Project organised in August by ArtSauce and brought his Sketchpacks along. At the end of the meeting members were able to look at these, as well as his sketchbooks, and chat to Craig.

The theme for the challenge was "My perspective", and the works brought along are shown below. Thanks to the members who participated!

Selwyn Griffiths

Karin Davel

Karin Davel

Karin Davel

Elizabeth Lamprecht

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Our first meeting of the year was a fascinating talk on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood given by Dr Rosalind Malandrinos. We had a very good attendance - there was hardly an empty seat to be found.

Rosalind Malandrinos and Linda Gotlieb

Rosalind studied in Italy, and is an art historian and lecturer at UCT. She went into great detail about the Pre-Raphaelites and their work. We will now be able to appreciate these works and their symbolism when we see them. 

There is a detailed write-up on the subject in the February edition of our newsletter, The Palette.

The subject of our challenge for the January meeting was "Happy Holidays" and members responded by bringing some bright and creative works. See below:

Angela Stannard

Anne Stepto

Janet Spurr

Karin Davel

Retia Lamprecht

Sue Paulsen
Richard Jacobs

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Westlake Golf Club Art Display Jan & Feb 2017

Artists now have two months to show their work in the foyer of the Westlake Golf Club.
Here are the artists for January and February 2017.
There are some lovely works on show!

Pauline Fine

Priscilla Schoonbee

Elizabeth Lamprecht
Chantelle Van Zyl

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Summer Exhibition 2017

Our first exhibition for 2017 opened on Monday the 16th of January. Elize Bezuidenhout, CAS member and winner of our Founders' trophy in 2015 and 2016, gave the opening address. 

Elize Bezuidenhout

It was a fun and festive evening as artists and guests chatted and enjoyed the art. Others bought some art!

We had two new young barmen to help Tom Paulsen, and they all worked hard to keep everyone's glasses full.

Here are some photos of the exhibition: 

Here are the facts and figures:
64 artists took part.
29 artists sold work, consisting of 27 paintings, 63 portfolio works and 13 miniatures.
28 works went to local buyers, while the rest were taken home with visitors from the UK, the USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Tunisia, Croatia, Brazil, Ireland, Holland, Australia and Kazakhstan! 
Wonderful to think of CAS members' works being enjoyed in so many places around the world.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Outing to Intaka Island

One would think that there would not be much scope for hiking at Intaka island, right next to canal Walk, but we found there was! We visited this spot for our hiking and sketching outing on the 8th of December.

Intaka Island is a lovely wetland in the middle of a built up area. 

Since it was the first visit for one of the party, we started off with a boat trip along the waterways. Our knowledgeable young guide told us all about the ecology of the ecosystem and pointed out various bird species along the way. 

We then took a hike to the heronry, and had tea while watching the birds coming and going. 

After that we walked up to the high point where we had a view of Table Mountain, where we finally got down to a bit of sketching. It was great fun and Intaka Island is well worth a visit!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


What a big crowd we had at our final meeting of the year on the 29th of November! 

Members chatting before the start.
Members started arriving from 6.30, laden with plates of food and artworks for the Founders Trophy competition.

The Hall was full of members and artworks

Barman Tom Paulsen was kept busy.
There was just enough space on the tables for all the food and the hall was full of artworks.

Members entered a record number of 56 entries this year, more than twice the number entered in 2015! So there were a huge number of works to choose from when it came to voting, and a lot of counting for committee member Karin Davel and Sue Paulsen.

Karin Davel and Sue Paulsen counting the votes.

Elize Bezuidenhout
Elize Bezuidenhout was voted the winner of the competition and was awarded the trophy.

Penny Steynor with Chairman Linda Gotlieb
Penny Steynor won the second prize.

Christopher Reid with Linda Gotlieb
New member Christopher Reid won the third prize. 

Below are the top ten works:

1. Elize Bezuidenhout.

2. Penny Steynor

3. Christopher Reid

4. Wyn Rossouw

5. Carol Hadfield
6. Louis Terry

6. Karen Burns

8. Jenny Samuel

9. Mandy Herdien

10. Mary Serrurier

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Westlake Exhibition November & December 2016

The Westlake Golf Club shows are now for two months at a time, and the artists for November and December are Fil Angelakis, Nerina de Villiers, Dee Drake and new
member Neelu Dole.

Dee Drake

Neelu Dole

Nerina de Villiers

Fil Angelakis