Thursday, 8 June 2017

May Meeting and Art Challenge

Sonja Frenz was the guest speaker and demonstrator at our last meeting on the 30th of May. With her warmth and ease, Sonja drew us into her appreciation for oil painting, making for an intimate session that captured the capacity audience's imagination and attention.

Sonja Frenz
Sonja is a born teacher and had so much information to share on the subject of colour and tone. She loves working in colour, but emphasised that hue, tonal value and saturation were the first steps to consider before tackling colour. She emphasised the importance of underpainting, how to use opposite colours to desaturate, how to use white to cool a colour (except for yellow which it intensifies instead) and how to push your paint into the canvas whilst keeping the darker colours transparent. 

Sonja's Still Life

Sonja brought an underpainted canvas for the potted daisies still life scene she was using to demonstrate the intricacies of colour mixing; concentrating on identifying the hue and tonal value (with some nifty toys she brought along), establishing saturation and determining temperature. As she explained how to find the hue and tonal values, she casually pecked away at her artwork and the painting came to life in front of our eyes. Some members even took to crawling along the floor to get to see the work from all angles!

As a natural teacher, Sonja encouraged us to explore our art personas, to keep on learning through workshops and meet-ups and to try our best not to get stuck in comfort and predictability; as there is no growth potential in that.


Bonnie Auret
Angela Stannard
Kirsten Slater
Margie Nachmann

Karin Davel
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