Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Summer 2018 Exhibition

Summer 2018 Exhibition

Our summer exhibition opened on the 15th of January at the Richard 
Crowie Hall, Kirstenbosch. 

Guests gathering before the opening.

Helen van Stolk

Inspiring contemporary art Helen van Stolk delivered an inspiring and 
heart-felt opening address which was greatly appreciated by everyone 
The main exhibition hall
A busy day at the exhibition

CAS Secretary Lizzie Kruger helping a buyer.

Sales started well before the opening and by the time the show ended on the 
24th of January there were three long columns of labels with red stickers on 
next to the sales table.

Tracically one of our members died during the exhibition. Richard Jacobs, a
member since 2012, had sold a work and was walking up the drive to the
gardens with a replacement work when he suffered a heart attack. We were all shocked by the news.

Richard Jacobs with family at the opening.

The poster of some of the works on show.

The invitation

Karen Burns

Elephant Eyes 2 by Pauline Fine

Fantasy Delight - Bird by Fil Angelakis

Ali Lauren Melck

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