Next Exhibition


Our next exhibition will be held at Kirstenbosch from the 17th to the 26th of September.

Please make sure you are familiar with our rules which will be sent to all members with the exhibition notice. Or read them here:

Here are some of the works which will be on show.

Anita Lamberti Fuchs

Christel Read - Al Fresco
Desmond Pollard
James Yates - Daisy Time, Langebaan Lagoon

Karin Davel
Elke Knabel - Hibiscus
Hilary Bryan - Poppy Fields

We were lucky enough to get another booking at Kirstenbosch from 9 to 18 April. Because the preparations are quite last minute we will not be having an opening, but the exhibition will be hung and open for sales from lunch time on Monday the 9th of April.

Below are some of the works which will be on the show.

Jeremy Day - Martyr's Horse

Sue Paulsen Mustard and Olive Oil

Ali Lauren Melck - Stofbergfontein
Suzanne Fortgens - Guinea Fowl
Kirsten Slater - White Browed Robin Chat


Our summer exhibition opens on the 15th of January and runs until the 24th at the Richard Crowie Hall, Kirstenbosch.

Inspiring contemporary artist Helen van Stolk will open the exhibition at 6.30pm on the 15th of January.

Here is a preview of some of the works which will be on show.

More photos will be added regularly.

A collage of some of the works which will be on show.

Our invitation - please print and bring to Kirstenbosch on opening night.
Karen Burns

Elephant Eyes 2 by Pauline Fine

Fantasy Delight - Bird by Fil Angelakis

Ali Lauren Melck

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