Monday, 4 March 2019

Meeting 26 Feb 2019

The meeting went off well with a presentation by Belinda Basson on her work with SteamPunk art.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Meeting on Tuesday 29 January - Speaker Rosalind Malandrinos

After what started off as a comedy of errors, the evening was a very interesting one. Those who stayed, were treated to a wonderful lecture by Rosalind Malandrinos who was visiting from the UK.  

Rosalind has a special interest in the Pre-Raphaelites and discussed Edward Burne-Jones.  It was a very informative talk all beautifully presented as seen in the shot of the slide below.

The theme for January was NEW, here are the paintings that were displayed:

New Family Needed by Jennifer Mitchley

Landscape by Phillip Rodwell

Uncurling Furn by Karin Davel

A New Path by Jennifer Mitchley

A New Dawn by Jennifer Mitchley

·        Our art theme / challenge word for February is MERCURY (planet, god, and liquid metal)

·        Our February meeting will feature Belinda Basson who will introduce us to
o   Mixed media methods
o   Installation art
o   Steam Punk


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Summer Exhibition January 2019

Only a few days away, our Summer Exhibition starts on Tuesday 15th January.
It is fully booked, with over 70 artists, and there is a waiting list for panels and baskets.
There are some small easels still available at R80 each.
If you would still like to take part, please send an email to and we will see how we can accommodate you.
All exhibitors will be sent an email with more information, painting labels and a flyer to publicise the show.
Please send photos of your work to if you would like them to be posted on our facebook page for publicity.
We are hoping to have an event for the public during the show but will send details once we have permission from Kirstenbosch.
The Exhibition ends on Thursday 24th January and is open daily from 9h30 until 17h30.
Normal gates entry fees apply except Tuesdays which is free for SA pensioners.
Linda Howe-Ely, CAS exhibition co-ordinator 073 5644845

Photos of works that will be on display are on the "Next Exhibition" page tab above.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Founders Trophy Competition and End of year party

The 27 of November saw our members putting forward their best painting for the Founder's Trophy Competition. 

Those who entered the competition, then had to choose their top 3 paintings, these choices were tallied up by the committee.

First place was Sonja Fenz:

Second Melanie Meyer

Third Roz Hoek

Highly commended Kim Bush

I have tried to capture each and every entry, but the lighting is tricky with shadows on some paintings and others with glass or shiny varnish posed some difficulties too.

Here are all 65 entries in no particular order:
 D1 Philip Rodwell (Vision)

B10  Pauline Fine (Picasso Bear)

 C5 Lee-Ann Olivier (Girl)

 A11 Philip Cohen (Ipad supper and Escom)

 C17 Retia Lamprecht (Face to Face)

 A16Trevor Vaughen -Jones (little Princess Vlei)

 A6 Ian Jay (Corsair)

 A20  Penny Steynor (Wildebeest)

 D3  Judy Wheeler (West Coast Impression)

 A12  Erica Galloway (Bowl of Flowers)

 C15 Sue Parry  (Crashing Waves)

 A18  Lynette Petersen (The Foot Path)

 C16 Joy Bouchier (Marche)

 A5 Sue Paulsen (Chinese Tea)

A4 Melanie Meyer (Colour in the Storm)

 C14 Andre Oberholzer (West Coast)

 C19  Paddy Hawthorne ( Three Red Roses)

 A7  Louis Terry (Rowing Boats)

 B16  Kim Bush (The Dress)

 B1 Klaus Seilling (Forrest Path)

 A3 Karin Davel (Tranquil Afternoon)

 A1 Noeleine Mc Master (Pappy's Rose)

 C9  Ros Molteno (Blue's One)

 B3  Des Pollard (Chatsworth Bridge)

 A10 Lynne Menge (Salt of the Earth)

 C3  Elke Knabel (Happy Hibiscus)

 A13  Nicki de Villiers (West Coast Walk)

 A15  Gerda Kenyon  (Alice Great Granddaughter)

 A14  Jeanette Rietman  (Overberg Barn in Winter)

 B2  Vanessa Mc Donnel  (Moonlight)

 A17  Margie Munro (Katherine)

 A2  Linda Howe-Ely  (Oil of Italy)

 A19  Judy Hilton-Green  (Thirsty Springbok)

 D4 Nerina de Villiers  (Llundudno)

 C6  Abraham du Plessis (The Profi)

 B12  Sonja Rivett-Carnac (Scarlet)

 B5 Kim Watermeyer (Fan Fair)

 B8  Jenny Gallard (Horse in a Forest)

 C13  Mi Mekk (Sugarbird on Thursday)    B6  Janet Spur (Kommetjie Sea)

 D2  Roz Hoek (Boys on the Beach)

 B7  Angela Stannard (Knysna Heads)       B15  Brenda Durham  (Contemplation)

 C18 Sonja Frenz (Reflections)

 B20  Mozzi Wouters (In the Moment)

 B4  Carol Hadfield (On a Clear Day)

 B14  Fil Angelakis (Blue Caves Za Kynthos Island)

 C2 Lyn Northam (Monet's admirer)

 C7  Ellen Casalena (Skittles)

 B9  Talita Willer (Dandelion)

 B18  Beth Lowe   (Red Kites and That Tree)

D5 Chantelle van Zyl (Beach Buddy) 

 C4  Ivette Crombie (Wild White Roses)

 B13  Marlene Kennedy Smith (Rainy Day, Saldanha)

 C8 Christel Brugger-Krull (An Abundance of Colour)

 B19 Kirsten Slater (Guarding the Potjie)

 C12  Kathy Visser (Ndabeni Woman)

 C10 Christine Cherry-Jones (Capulets)

 B11  Joy Swift (Sunset)

 B17  Bonnie Auret (Free Spirit)

C11  Marion Cross (Shangli)

 A9  Carri Lam  (Holiday Home)

A18  Lynette Pertersen (The Footpath)

A8  Dawn Cairs (Something in Time)

C20  Rene Rodwell (Lion)

C1  Shirley Phillip (Spring Flowers)

A7 Louis Terry (Rowing Boats)

 Thank you to each and every one of you who participated.  May you have a wonderful festive season and we look forward to seeing you all in 2019!  Starting the year off as always with our Summer Exhibition at Kirstenbosch so watch your inboxes for those details in time to come.
Belinda Basson (Social Media portfolio)