Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rhodes Cottage Museum Exhibition

"Rhodes Cottage Museum" are having another art exhibition.

This time to celebrate the birthday of Cecil John Rhodes.

On this ausipicious occasion we will be having the art exhibition of
Saturday the 7th July opening at 12 noon.

Artistis are asked to bring their art on the 5th July to be hanged.

To bring some snacks and drinks on the 7th July 2012 also to invite
their friend and family.

Artists who have not sold must remember that at "Rhodes Museum" they
also receive international exposure.

There will also be free Historical talks and  Historical Movie with a
Tour Guide.

We are also looking to organise a "Rhodes Cottage Museum Art Club", to
give artists an opportunity to come and paint in the garden and the
Rhodes Cottage. There will be no cost for the Club only a donation.
They will also be welcome to hang their paintings in the Exhibition

Dawn Shrock
Rhodes Cottage Museum
            082 4856361      
tel/fax             021 7857194      

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