Monday, 2 March 2015

ART IN REVIEW - February 2015

Pastel demo by Penny Steynor - 24 February 2015 - Monthly Meeting

We had a wonderful evening with Penny as she shared her love for pastels with us.

She explained that the pigment in pastels is the same as that in other painting media, but in a different conveyant. Pastels are a fun, versatile medium – quick, clean and easy to use and colour fast. There is no elaborate preparation, no drying time and no colour change with drying.

It was great to see some pastels that Penny has made herself.
One can work on a variety of papers, depending on the amount of tooth one prefers, or on a gesso board.She explained how pastels can be used on acrylic underpainting, on top of watercolour or directly onto paper. The pastel artwork should be sprayed with a vigorously shaken fixative and framed behind glass with a triple mount.

Penny uses pastels beautifully in a drawing and painting technique. She showed us her delightful ` Mouse` - an example of a more linear approach.

We were excited to see Penny produce a Kalahari landscape painting in pastels. She roughly drew in compositional lines, using pastels, and then blocked in tonal areas of the land and sky. After applying the pastels, she uses her finger to rub them into the paper. Penny works from top to bottom to avoid smudging and always uses a colour in 2 or 3 places to create unity. The same colours are used for sky and landscape. Pastels can be mixed on the paper and Penny works from dark to light. The sky must be completed before adding details of trees etc.The tooth of the paper gets full quite quickly and she recommends that one doesn`t overwork. She uses a natural chamois to rub out where necessary.Details of grasses and shadows on the road are added last.
Many questions were asked and it would seem that a keenness to `try pastels` has been sparked.Thank you so much Penny for a great evening!

Art Supplies Donation 

Our donations box has started filling up.Thanks to all who have already donated items and please keep on bringing these items for a very worthy cause.           

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