Saturday, 20 June 2015

Event Notice: 30 June 2015

 30 June - Gail Schoeman – Aware, Awake, Alive

Gail Schoeman will present on how art-making can not only develop creativity, but increase flexibility, authenticity and non-judgement.

She will talk on Awakening Spirit Through Art (ASTAR), its philosophy and processes used to break old patterns, blast through blocks and liberate the artist within. 
She will also be guiding the group through a creative process. 

Please bring along:

• A board/tray to work on 

• A few drawing materials such as oil pastels, chalk pastels, crayons, pencils etc. 
• A glue stick
• One or two magazines

In her corporate past, Gail worked within the advertising, retail, brand and communications fields. Combining her business skills acquired within leadership roles, her design training, dance instruction, and passion for building community, she now facilitates programmes and workshops on the power of Creative Process. Movement and art is practically applied as a means to develop awareness, break barriers, gain understanding, cultivate courage and heighten one’s authentic depth.

“Harnessing our creative intuition has to do with freeing ourselves from the need for our art to be perfect, free
ourselves from judgement, from unnecessary effort, from over-control.” Anne Schuster

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