Thursday, 30 July 2015


Still life in oils 
 Demonstrated by Margie Johnson
Margie set up a simple still-life of enamel containers and pears. She reminded us that for right-handed painters, the still- life should be on the left side and vice versa.
Margie advised a "quick kill" of the white canvas. She used sienna diluted with turps, and a large brush to establish broad shapes and background. 

She prefers a cloth for wiping out the lighter tones and leaves big, shadowy areas. Positive and negative shapes are equally important.

Margie spoke about the "inside and outside edges" of curved forms and enjoys going "out of edges". She advised us to use bigger brushes than needed. Her palette is limited and for her, tone is more important than colour. Shadows have some of the colour of the objects and are an extension of the objects.

She mixes paint intuitively with a palette knife and works slowly. She does not use medium with her paint as this can affect drying. A luscious, green pear with a blush of red, was taking shape as she worked, and then her time was up.

Thank you Margie for sharing your expertise and insights with us.

Photographs: Hilary Bryan
Written by: Brenda Durham

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