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Art in Review: September 2015

How to Make an Income from your Art

Talk by Ann Gadd

Ann Gadd is the author of 16 books and a successful artist who is well-known for her humorous sheep paintings.  

Success is based on the combination of Passion + Profit + Art. Ann encouraged us to think differently about being an artist, in that, fulfilling your passion seldom produces a profit; and many artists believe that you should focus on your passion and not on making money.   However, the reality is that most of us have to make a living.  

If you want to make your 'art' work for you, you have to work 24/7, and although you love doing it, it is not the 'easy way out'.      
Art success = Talent + Time + Tenacity

If you want to be successful it's not just about being a brilliant artist. You need to set up a 'Business Plan' and follow it. Ann explained how to create an 'Art Business Plan' using the principles of her '10 Blocks to Creativity'. What to be aware of and what to avoid. There are many brilliant artists who haven't "made it" whilst some bad ones do - it is not always fair.  The more we visualize success, the more likely it will happen.

Tips from Ann: 
Take on commissions with caution - be aware of people with unreal expectations of your abilities.
Visit as many galleries as you can to evaluate if your particular art style would fit in well with the gallery's usual exhibitors.
Decide if you do have a distinct art style and what it is. 
Be respectful of the art gallery curator's point of view. Listen to their advice even if you are rejected.
Be organised, k
eep accurate records of your work, know your prices, and have a CV with only your up to date work that is available. 
All information is available in her books.

"Any dream comes at a price. No goal is achieved without risk. Behind every great work of art are numerous less successful attempts. With a combination of talent, drive and belief in yourself, you can make the dream of living as an artist your reality. Remember: the fun is the journey, not just the destination." - From 'Making Your Art Work' by Ann Gadd. 

Thank you Ann for the very entertaining talk and for sharing your art business knowledge and experience. 

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Written by: Jen Thom
Photography by: Hilary Bryan
Edited and Posted by: Margie Haslewood  

Art Challenge: September 2015 - "Blooming Wonderful"

Once again, we are delighted that so many members participated in the Monthly Challenge. More individual images can be viewed on Google + and on our Facebook Page.

Photography by: Hilary Bryan
Edited and Posted by: Margie Haslewood 

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