Sunday, 1 November 2015

Art in Review: October 2015


Cyril Coetzee demonstrated painting a frontal head portrait study of his model Mark.
Cyril advises using a single light source from one side. The artist may try different lighting as their confidence grows. 

He started with a tinted ground of brownish flesh colour to break the white canvas and then used the wiping away technique in between painting with oils and a medium of turps with a very tiny bit of oil added. He finds that if you put too much brown in the first layer the subsequent layers can look quite dirty. 

Some colours he used for the portrait were: Naples Yellow/ red, Naples Yellow, Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine and Alizarin Crimson. 
Use vegetable turpentine or odourless white spirit if you have an allergy to chemical turps. 

Cyril gets a general sense of the whole composition and then starts with a particular area and works out towards the whole. Measuring and mapping distances from the starting point.  

Four keys to drawing:
1. What lines up with what (vertical and horizontal). 
2. Look for angles (e.g. slight downward slant of eyes). 
3. The distance between points. 
4. The positive and negative shapes. 
He advises to try see abstract shapes rather than thinking about how you should paint a nose or chin or lips, etc.

Cyril tends to do glazing over sections of dry paint, rather than the alla prima (wet on wet) direct method. He likes colour in a portrait, to show the luminosity of skin. 
He was trained to paint from life but, for professional portraits, it's not viable. He advises taking a number of photos so that you work from not only one. Stand back when photographing and zoom in, to avoid distorted features. 

Thank you very much Cyril for the wonderful demo. 
Written By: Jen Thom
Photographs By: Hilary Bryan
Edited and Posted By: Margie Haslewood 

ART CHALLENGE OCTOBER 2015 - "Local is Lekka!"

Once again, we were overjoyed to see artists' interpretation of the Monthly Art Challenge have some wonderful paintings. 
Images by: Hilary Bryan
Editing and posting By: Margie Haslewood

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