Sunday, 7 February 2016

Art in Review: Talk by Robyn Young on 26 January 2016

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Creative Entrepreneurs Make

Our guest Speaker was Robyn Young who has her own marketing company called “Brandheart”.
She was an excellent and enthusiastic speaker who encouraged the audience to ask lots of questions around the topic of branding and marketing our art - work. 

Planning is very important and must be ongoing and consistent. Careful thought and planning can help develop the brand you want to present to the public.

As artists we naturally hope that we can get our work recognized, appreciated and sold. To do this we need to be able to have the confidence to market ourselves and find and create our own brand and, to do this, we need to ask ourselves “ Who are we and what makes our work unique?” 

The mistakes that creative entrepreneurs often make are;
1. We do not pay enough attention to our specific talents.
2. We try to present our art so that it appeals to everyone.
3. We fail to understand money.
4. Not having a solid plan.
5. Looking like an amateur.
6. Not doing Social Media!
7. Do not expect overnight success.

Thank you Robyn for a most helpful and thought-provoking talk. 
A full version of this talk is available for CAS members.
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Robyn is more than willing to make herself available for advise and support and would welcome enquiries. 
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Alternatively you can look at her website for more information.
Written By: Kay du Toit
Photographs By: Fran Sexton
Edited and Posted By: Margie Haslewood

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