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Art In Review: 23 February 2016

Demo By Lynne-Marie Eatwell on 23 February 2016 
Lynne-Marie quoted Henri Matisse: 'Creativity takes Courage'
Lynne-Marie Eatwell, born in 1982, comes from an artistic and talented family. She works from a private studio in Noordhoek. She has traveled widely and is currently working on a study of horses.
Lynne-Marie used her own reference photograph of Trek Fishermen, taken at the crack of dawn,  working with their boats and nets on Fish Hoek beach. The early morning light and shadows would play an important role in the demo. Here, she is showing us her enormous 'home made' palette. 

She started by applying a luscious ground of 'turpsy' Prussian blue mixed with Yellow Ochre & Alizarin Crimson. It was splashed on with great abandonment as she demonstrated that all good beginnings start with a very loose and free approach. She uses lots of turpentine, so splashes; runs and drips are encouraged and incorporated into the picture. She uses her large brush like a feather just touching very lightly to the canvas to fill in the negative spaces. In a space of about 10 minutes she had created the outlines of the fishermen and their nets. She advised against being too precise, and to stand as far back from the work as possible and to paint with an extended arm.

She encouraged 'accidents' and keep the energy going, just like in a dance, and to free up and have fun. Holding back and second-guessing are counterproductive and lead to very tight and uninteresting pictures. Mistakes are natural and sometimes add an unexpected dimension to the picture. Don’t wipe them out because it can make the painting look too contrived and precise. She spent a long time drawing on her canvas with a large brush, so that by the time she got to actually adding colour, the effect was luminous and startling. 
There wasn’t time for the painting to be completed, although we assured of a photograph of the finished picture!

Thank you, Lynne-Marie, for a very inspiring talk please come again and soon!

Photos by: Fran Sexton & Margie Haslewood
Written by: Kay du Toit
Edited & Posted by: Margie Haslewood 

 Images from our Art Challenge: "Summer Fun"

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