Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Art in Review: March 2016 - Demo and Art Challenge

Monthly Meeting on 29 March 2016
Watercolour Demonstration by Inge Semple 

Inge Semple, describes herself as an ever curious and lifelong student. 

She loves her craft and, for those of us who have been fortunate to have attended her classes, is an excellent teacher. Her ever patient and encouraging manner towards every student who walks through her door.  She knows her subject well and has been teaching students for almost half her life. 

 She pays a lot of attention to detail, enjoy painting from life and has a wonderful sense of colour. She paints in watercolour mostly but enjoys working in oil as well.

Inge, explained that most Botanical paintings require hard edges, that happy accidents are useful when approaching landscapes in a “Wild, loose and Free” manner but this approach can be challenging. She talked about the materials, brushes, paper and the paints she likes to use.

For our demonstration Inge chose a photograph that she had taken at the Waterfront of the red hued clock tower with dark shaded buildings on either side. She had sketched the scene before hand and worked on an upright easel so that we could the different stages of the painting. She also showed us some tonal drawings she had done of the scene and is a firm believer in spending time preparing before actually painting

As we watched, the scene came to life, and the clock tower began to grow and glow as the paint was applied, the tones of red she used for the clock tower illuminated the center of the picture.  Unfortunately, time ran out, which meant that Inge could not complete the picture but she did mention that she would send us a photograph of the finished picture.

She finished her demonstration by encouraging all artists to think very carefully about marketing our paintings and to be careful not to undervalue the work we sell.

Written by: Kay du Toit
Photos by: Fran Sexton
Edited and Posted by: Margie Haslewood

Our Monthly Art Challenge - "DRY" 

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