Sunday, 5 June 2016

Art in Review - May 2016 - Ray Potter & Art Challenge

Ray Potter Demo 

Last night, well known watercolourist Ray Potter gave a very inspiring demonstration to a packed auditorium. Born in Zimbabwe and educated in UK, he has been painting for many years. Over the years his paintings have become much brighter and he enjoys using quite a limited palette. He uses Bockingford or Sanders paper and a variety of paints and brushes.

More on the demo and review of the Art Challenge
Working from a photograph, he had prepared a pencil sketch on 300g Bockingford paper of a Karoo scene. For the demo he used an easel and worked upright but would normally work flat or at 45 degrees. He likes to hold his brush lightly and make colourful impressionistic marks using lots of complimentary colours.

He started by giving the entire paper a wash of yellow ochre using a flat 2 inch brush. Then working from the top down, added violet to the sky and then ultramarine for the mountains. Then a row of trees adding cobalt green , ochre and burnt sienna. Then alizaron Crimson and final touches of cadmium red to the shrubs. All the time using his "artistic license" and "join ability"- to join shapes together for coherence.

He works forward but once semi dry, goes back adding depth and weight to certain areas. Final touches are added with a rigger brush and even some ink markings using a Micron Sepia pen when completely dry.

The final result - a wonderful colourful impressionistic study of the Karoo!
Photographs by Fran Sexton 
Written by Sue Paulsen

Art Challenge May 2016 - Autumn Palette  The artists were: Carrie Lam, Melanie Meyer (2) Sue Paulsen, Christine Lambson, Karen Davel (3), Angela Stannard, Anne Stepto, Pauline Fine, Janet Stepto, Kirsten Slater (2), Neil Thomson and Richard Jacobs.


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