Monday, 11 July 2016

Art in Review - June 2016 - Elize Bezuidenhout & Art Challenge

Portrait Demonstration by Elize Bezuidenhout 

Elize was born in Springs and studied Graphic Design at the Pretoria Technikon. She has worked in the industry until last year when she became a full time artist.

Elize held us spellbound last Tuesday while she did the under-painting for her next portrait.

 Working from a black and white photograph of Edward, a homeless African man from the Transkei, she did a perfect tonal painting of him.  
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She likes to use linen or cotton stretched canvasses to which she has put a layer of Dala primer on first. She then makes a 50/50 mixture of Raw Umber and Burnt Sienna on her palette to which she has put a layer of linseed oil - for easy cleaning before starting. She uses this mixture for the entire under painting. Using old brushes she scrubs and scumbles her darks and then blends and removes light areas with a rag, squinting her eyes to see that the tonal values are correct.
Thinking of the human skull as she works, she begins with the eyes working in shapes with soft edges at this stage. She sits back often to check as she goes along and will sometimes even use a scale divider for accuracy when doing commissions.
Her under painting is a perfect monotone painting.
She then works from photo on a TV screen to add the colour. She uses artist quality oils - Maimero Puro and a limited palette of titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium red light, alizarin Crimson, burnt sienna, raw umber and ultramarine blue. To make black she mixes burnt sienna and ultramarine.
"Push through a painting until it comes alive" she says.
Thank you for sharing her knowledge with us Elize- we were mesmerized!
Words by Linda Gotlieb 
Photos by Fran Sexton

Art Challenge June 2016 - "ROMANCE"  
The artists were: (in no particular order)  Ivette Crombie, Mariaan Sheffer, Wyn Rossouw, Sue Paulsen, Angela Stannard, Carrie Lam, Kirsten Slater, Lynette Petersen, Christine Lambson, Fran Sexton.
Photos by Hilary Bryan and edited by Margie Haslewood

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