Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Art in Review - July 2016 - Laura Wenman Demo & Art Challenge

- Oil Painting Demo by Laura Wenman -

Laura was born in Johannesburg, matriculated the Johannesburg Art School for Ballet and Music and then she studied Graphic Design at the Cape Tech.
Laura paints from real life as often as possible as she feels that this is the most challenging way to paint, yet so very rewarding, and the ultimate way to learn how to observe. “The changing light is the main thing to understand, I feel one has to focus more than usual, you need to work with it and not fight it. I’m at one with my body, emotions, mind, soul and surroundings.”
She also paints from sketches, on sight, or when there is very little time to paint, or when weather conditions are not ideal she paints from photos as she finds that this gives her a chance to experiment with different techniques, get more creative with colours and she tends to interpret, more than imitate and this helps when she paints from life.

Laura says “painting for me is my form of meditation. My mind has more clarity, my centre of being experiences calmness and tranquillity. I feel it’s an activity that challenges your left and right brain simultaneously. 
I love every minute of the process, and this applies to when I’m teaching as well.
When painting a series, Laura will paint on several paintings all at once.
Painting to music was the most wonderful choice for this demo by Laura Wenman. 

We listened to swirls of ocean whilst Laura mixed up her oils and started painting on a board primed with red acrylic paint. Adding washes with darks as thin as possible and “getting the sky to meet the bird and the bird to meet the sky”, Laura began to interpret her painting, and experience the unknown. Laura uses reference photos but never copies. 
The colours on her palette were white, cadmium yellow, ultramarine, alizarin crimson and cadmium red.

This is where Laura finished after and hour and a half at the demo. She completed 2 more hours of work on the seagull at home. Laura emailed us a copy of her beautiful completed painting.

Laura used a lovely mid-tone grey Perspex palette and she has kindly given us the name and number of the man who makes them for her: Brian van Rooyen. Cell: 083 658 4538.

Thank you, Laura, for a most exciting and informative demonstration.

- July Art Challenge – ‘Storm” -

Thank you to members who literally braved the “Storm” for our July Art Challenge. Well done and thank you to everyone who brought their beautiful paintings along on that cold and rainy evening!

Melanie Meyer
Elizabeth Lamprecht
Kirsten Slater

Ivette Crombie

Karin Davel
Richard Jacobs

Mandy Herdien
Carrie Lam

Written By: Linda Gotlieb

Photographs by: Fran Sexton and Laura Wenman
Edited and Posted by: Margie Haslewood and Linda Howe-Ely

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