Monday, 5 September 2016

Art in Review - August Meeting - AGM and Competition - "City Life"

The Annual General Meeting was opened by Chairman Fran Sexton.

After the initial formalities the voting for the
competition took place. The Chairman and 

Sue Paulsen thanking Fran Sexton.
Treasurer then read their reports, after
which the nomination and election of
Committee members took place.
Linda Gotlieb, Melanie Meyer, Sue Paulsen
and Jen Thom were re-elected, while
Karin Davel, Linda Howe-Ely, Carrie Lam
and Connie Ryhorski were nominated
and elected.

Vice-Chairman Sue Paulsen thanked
outgoing Chairman Fran Sexton and
Committee member Hilary Bryan for their
valuable service to the Society and
presented them with flowers and a small gift.
The other outgoing Committee members,
Kay du Toit and Margie Haslewood were
not able to attend and will be thanked at a
later date.

Penny Steynor - First Prize
Margie Munro - Second Prize
The theme for the competition was "City Life" and there were a good number of entries. Here are the winners.

Carol Hadfield - Third Prize
Joy Swift - Fouth Prize
Lyn Northam - Fifth Prize

Mandy Herdien - Sixth Prize
Congratulations to all the winners!
Merle Forde gave us an interesting and informative presentation on framing and frames. She asked us why we frame our paintings; the reason is to complete the picture. She suggested using a few standard shaped canvasses so that frames could be recycled to keep expenses down. She said that one should not notice the mount board as it is there to enhance the work. Don't use a bright white mount board if there is no bright white in the picture.She also told us that only conservation mount boards are free from acid. She showed many photos of frames and mounts to illustrate her talk.
The evening ended with prizes for lucky ticket holders.

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