Sunday, 30 October 2016

October Meeting - Interactive Demo with Karin Davel and Art Challenge

We all had a lot of fun at the October meeting. CAS member Karin Davel was our guest speaker/demonstrator and she came well prepared with a detailed drawing of an interior drawn in one point perspective, more drawings, paintings and magazines.

Karin has a B.A (Ed) Art and was art teacher at St Anne's College, Hilton for 8 years. She ran her own art gallery for 5 years and has recently moved to the Cape.
Karin explained that one point perspective gives a serene feeling to a work, whereas two point (or more!) perspective is more dramatic. She showed us examples of perspective in her own work. Showing us one of Sue Paulsen's still life paintings, she told us that even this genre is subject to the rules of perspective.

Everyone had brought paper and pens or pencils and Karin told us she was going to show us how to draw the interior of a room. We started with a rectangle representing the back wall of a room, and each decided where our vanishing point was going to be. Every line other than those which are horizontal or vertical has to go towards the vanishing point. Step-by-step Karin demonstrated and told us what to do next and we all ended up with an interior. For those who wanted to add more details Karin explained how perspective worked with the buttons on a couch and a row of lights on the ceiling. We were pleasantly surprised with the results and all learnt a lot. Thank you Karin!

The theme for October's art challenge was "Let's Move!" and the 10 works below were brought to the meeting for everyone to enjoy.

Angela Stannard

Kirsten Slater

Fil Angelakis
Linda Gotlieb

Ivette Crombie
Anne Stepto

Elizabeth Lamprecht

Karin Davel
Kirsten Slater

Mandy Herdien

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