Tuesday, 20 December 2016


What a big crowd we had at our final meeting of the year on the 29th of November! 

Members chatting before the start.
Members started arriving from 6.30, laden with plates of food and artworks for the Founders Trophy competition.

The Hall was full of members and artworks

Barman Tom Paulsen was kept busy.
There was just enough space on the tables for all the food and the hall was full of artworks.

Members entered a record number of 56 entries this year, more than twice the number entered in 2015! So there were a huge number of works to choose from when it came to voting, and a lot of counting for committee member Karin Davel and Sue Paulsen.

Karin Davel and Sue Paulsen counting the votes.

Elize Bezuidenhout
Elize Bezuidenhout was voted the winner of the competition and was awarded the trophy.

Penny Steynor with Chairman Linda Gotlieb
Penny Steynor won the second prize.

Christopher Reid with Linda Gotlieb
New member Christopher Reid won the third prize. 

Below are the top ten works:

1. Elize Bezuidenhout.

2. Penny Steynor

3. Christopher Reid

4. Wyn Rossouw

5. Carol Hadfield
6. Louis Terry

6. Karen Burns

8. Jenny Samuel

9. Mandy Herdien

10. Mary Serrurier

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