Saturday, 2 September 2017

August Meeting: AGM and Competition

There was a big crowd at our August meeting, the second in our new venue, the Alphen Centre.

Members arranged the works they had brought for the competition along one of the walls for
everyone to look at.

Voting slips and pens were distributed and members wrote down the 5 works they liked best.

Chairman Linda Gotlieb opened the Annual General Meeting. In her report she spoke about the events of the past year, and it has certainly been a good year for CAS. Linda also thanked the all the committee members by name, and thanked others who helped CAS during the year. Then Treasurer Melanie Meyer reported on the financial status of the Society. She asked if any member would be able to audit CAS's books. When it came to the election of office bearers, all the committee members from the previous year were willing to stand again and were duly re-elected.

While the competition votes were being counted, Wyn Rossouw entertained us with an art quiz.

Then came the announcement of the competition winners.
In first place was Liz Pearson with her painting of people dancing on the banks of the Seine.

Second place went to Karin Davel for her work consisting of sketches arranged concertina-style.

Third prize went to Lyn Northam for her painting.

Beth Lowe won the fourth place.

And fifth prize went to Christopher Reid.

In sixth place was Wyn Rossouw.

 Anita Gildenhuys came seventh.

 Linda Howe-Ely eighth.

 Mandy Herdien ninth.

 and Louis Terry tenth.

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