Thursday, 7 December 2017


The last CAS meeting of the year saw a large crowd of members and guests arriving at the Alphen Hall in Constantia laden with paintings and plates of food. 


One of the highlights of the "Art on a Plate" was fruit in a bowl made of ice.

A merry evening ensued, with much socializing, eating and drinking. 

THANK YOU to our generous SPONSORS of this competition, ET&H  Fine Art Canvas (9 Barron St, Woodstock), and The Italian Art Shop (Riverside Mall, Rondebosch)!!! Also, thank you to our gracious, talented and missed, former chairperson, Fran Sexton, who generously donated a midweek break at her Daisy Darling B&B in Darling. What a lovely surprise and desirable gift (I am Won by Chantelle Van Zyl!!!! 

Chantal van Zyl, winner of a mid-week break at Daisy Darling B&B, draws a number for the next lucky prize winner.

It is through our sponsors’ generosity that we are able to attract such a high standard of competitors, and are able to provide such a wonderful bounty of prizes. We hope to continue these winning relationships!

Some of the canvases donated by ET&H canvases
Secondly, well done Artists!!! – and thank you to all who entered! It would not be a competition without competitors. We had such a fabulous display of creative, colourful, original work at our year end competition, not to mention all of the Art on  Plates! 

Some of the artworks entered.

We had the most entries EVER (57), and competition was fierce. In past years, often the winners were obvious early on in counting the votes. This year, due to the number of high quality entries, the increased number of voters/members, the wide variety of work, and the individual taste of the voters – our peers, it was not at all apparent who the winners would be until the final ballots were counted, checked and re-checked! This was very exciting, and concerning – as many worthy entries did not receive an award-winning number of votes, which can bruise egos and hurt feelings. This, of course, is NOT our intention or congruent with the mission of C.A.S. – which is to inspire and encourage developing artists. Don’t be deterred!!! It is the nature of any competition. All of the pieces exemplified the talent of our organization. Let it feed the fire of your creativity and competitive spirit!

The voting procedure and point allocation works like this: Each member is allowed to vote for 5 entries, rating them where they evaluated the position of the entry. That is to say,  a number one vote would receive 5 points, a number 2 vote would receive 4 points, a number 3 vote would be allocated 3 points, a number 4 vote would receive 2 points, and a number 5 vote would be awarded 1 point. Points were tallied and ascribed accordingly to the nominated entrant. 

Last, but NOT least, Competition Results:

1st Place – our own, beloved, wonderfully deserving: SUE PAULSEN with her entry ‘Tomatoes’ which garnered 71 points!!!
Sue Paulsen

2nd Place – the brilliant, kind, fresh face: CHRISTOPHER REID with
 ‘Protea Explosion’, which earned 69 points! – talk about a close race!

Christopher Reid

3rd Place – the much appreciated plein air artist: BETH LOWE with ‘ Kalk Bay Morning’  accruing 66 points.

Beth Lowe

4th Place – the delightful and talented: KAREN  BURNS with ‘Silver and Lace’ –     65 points, another slim margin

Karen Burns

5th Place – the amazing: SONJA RIVETT-CARNAC with ‘Happy Days’ – 63 points

Sonja Rivett-Carnac

6th Place – our accomplished and productive: PENNY STEYNOR with ‘Simply the Sea’   -56 votes

Penny Steynor

7th Place – the very talented: RICHARD JACOBS with ‘Ovambo Girl" 51 points
Richard Jacobs

8th Place – the lovely, diligent, and educational LYN NORTHAM with ‘Be Blessed’  – 48 points

Lyn Northam

9th Place – the young, evolving, exciting: Mandy Herdien with ‘Catch of the Day’ - 47 points

Mandy Herdien

10th Place – the admired, knowledgeable, famous amongst us: Wyn Rossouw with ‘Shades of  Morandi- 3 Jugs’ - 46 points 
Wyn Rossouw

WOW – what a tight race!!!!
Thanks again to all our members, entrants, and sponsors who made the event so joyous and exciting. We are very blessed to have one another.
Words by Connie Rossmeisl – Competitions Portfolio

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