Sunday, 18 February 2018

30 January Meeting Presentation – Noeleen Kleve

Noeleen Kleve, a South African visual artist and printmaker, took us on a wonderful printmaking journey at our first meeting for the year.
Noeleen Kleve with CAS Chairman Linda Gotlieb
Residing in Kommetjie, she teaches and creates out of her studio, inspired by the rich social and environmental diversity of the area. Coming from a Graphic Design background, receiving her visual art degree through UNISA, Noleen fell in love with printmaking early on.

She has an incredible wealth of knowledge about the various means of printmaking, and her enthusiasm was complimented by her strong teaching ability, taking us through a high volume of theory on printmaking. She started with the origins of printmaking, took us through the various kinds of printmaking, and ended on an inspirational note by telling us about her journey to Venice last year.

Whilst teaching us about the various types of printmaking, she sent around both plates and printed artworks for the audience to see how the techniques differ. The magic of printmaking surely lies in its tactile nature, as we ran our hands over both rough surfaces and ones that hardly looked like it was touched. Intricate designs eaten out of metal by acids; silicon grit melted onto Perspex surfaces; prints made by both relief and intaglio methods. The audience was swept into the possibilities, and the buzz of enthusiasm and inspired art lovers filled the room the whole evening.

Noeleen spoke to both the beginner printmaker and artists who yearn to rekindle their love affair with this art form. She broke down the complex terminologies and methods into everyday language, warned us about those rookie mistakes that creep into even the most experienced printmaker’s studio, and myth-busted the false belief that prints are just blind copies of one original. It became clear that printmakers walk the tightrope between science and art with grace.

She showcased art pieces from her recent series, named ‘Sensucht’, coming from a German noun translated as "longing", "pining", "yearning", or "craving", or in a wider sense a type of "intensely missing". A striking example was an ultrasound of her unborn grandchild transformed into a map, capturing the longing for family and loved ones far away.

Noeleen spent a month in Venice at the end of 2017, taking up a printmaking residency, which she described as an enchanting experience. Having dedicated studio space from 08:30-22:30 daily, she played in what could only have been a printmaker’s heaven. With 13 presses in the studio and 6 other permanent artists, she fully embraced this month of experimentation, learning and affirmation of knowledge. So much so that she only spent 4 days out of the studio, taking inspiration from the daily commute between her apartment and the studio. She called herself a kid in a toyshop and implored us all to take up an artist residency somewhere in our art journey.
Recommended website for artists residency:

Words: Lizzie Kruger

ETCHING CLASSES: Tuesday afternoons 13h30 - 16h30. Minimum of 8 weeks recommended. Small classes (max 4 people). Several etching techniques taught. R250 per session, all materials included (except paper and copper) which she stocks in studio. She also teaches 2 classes on Mondays and one on Tuesday mornings, but those sessions are full. There are currently 2 spaces left on Tuesday afternoons. For more info, please contact Noeleen directly. / / 083 330 5577

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