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Noeleen Kleve, artist and printmaker, gave about 60 CAS members and visitors a very interesting and insightful talk on the Art Biennale events she attended in Venice (2017) and Sydney (2018). 

Noeleen Kleve at the CAS meeting

She called these events the Olympics of Art and the audience was treated to some showstopping pieces that proved the observation.
Noeleen Kleve in Venice

The Venice Biennale is the most prestigious of all the Biennales; it occurs every 2 years and has an international curator every time it runs. The focus of the Art Biennale is on contemporary art in a variety of mediums, including huge interactive exhibitions. The exhibitions scattered all throughout the city, encouraging attendees to explore the city and the art scene as one. 

Map of Venice showing Biennale exhibition spaces (red and green)

 There are 2 main venues that can easily take up 8 hours each to work your way through all the stunning art pieces. The 2017 Biennale was categorised into 9 pavilions and Noeleen shared examples of work from each pavilion, which included historical and new pieces from local, regional and international artists, highlighting some recognisable South African artists like Liza Lou and African artists like Abdoulaye Konaté. Note: Both these artists have work displayed at the recently opened Norval Foundation Art Museum in Tokai.

Liz Lou’s collaborative work “The Clouds”. 600 beaded cloths woven by Zulu women.
Clay bowls with tapered end pinched to resemble a mouth-like form. 
1000 acrylic colours painted on a wall (Venice)
Abdoulaye Konat'e

The Sydney Biennale was the 21st one and the curator was from Japan. The theme was “Superposition” and the incredible contemporary art pieces were presented across 7 venues in the city. Noeleen showed artworks on display, as well as shots from the adjoined Vivid Sydney event, which involved projections onto various buildings, including the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House - Still of Video Projection

Indigenous Australian artist Esmeralda Timbery

In conjunction with the Venice Biennale, Noeleen spent a month in Venice on a printmaking artist residency. (please refer to Jan 2018 Palette for presentation write up)

Noeleen's personal workspace in the “residents’ room” at Scuola di Grafica

Noeleen once again encouraged the audience to do an artist residency to further develop their artist voice. She suggested the following website for available opportunities -

Words: Lizzie Kruger

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