Thursday, 6 September 2018

August Meeting, AGM and Art Competition

We had a lovely turnout of over 80 members for our August Meeting which included our AGM and Art competition themed “ A Different View”

Linda Gotlieb opened the meeting with a warm warm welcome to everyone. Members then voted for their choices in the competition. There were 51 entries so it was a difficult choice.

Once everyone voted we got onto the business end of the evening.

In her Chairman's report Linda thanked the many people who have played a role in our society in 2018:
 Judy Nunan, for the ongoing use of her garage as our storage facility.

2.    To all the artists who have exhibited their work and taken part in the monthly challenges, and to those who have and given ideas for challenges and meetings.
3.    To our most outstanding Committee and their partners, and helpers and all who contribute to making the members meetings and the exhibitions the success they continue to be.
4.    To Lesley Charnock, who opened our September exhibition, and Helen Van Stolk who opened our January exhibition.
5.    To those members who have donated art materials – they are so appreciated by the Dominican School for the Deaf who will be receiving a R3000 donation from CAS again this year.
6.    To our members, Ian and Cathy Jay for their book donation and also to Audrey Innes who, on behalf of SASA donated several books which they had duplicates of, to our library.
7.    To the sponsors of our competitions Deckle Edge, The Italian Art Shop, ETH Canvas and Artland, who also offer discounts to our members.
Thank you to the stores that offer discounts to our members, Creative Art Atelier, Brush and Canvas, we thank you!  Also Waltons in Constantia Village, good work by Kirsten Slater helped bring them to our attention.
8.    To our speakers and demonstrators each month who have truly been amazing. :
           September – Christopher Reid, who did a dazzling pastel portrait of our  
           stunning red headed member Belinda Du Randt
October – Beth Lowe did the most outstanding en Plein Air lecture, complete with a time lapse video which was truly amazing
           November – end of year party and Best Painting competition won by Sue
      January Noeleen Kleve spoke of her art and printmakers residency in Venice
      February- Clare Burgess spoke on Travels with a Landscape Architect and
      took us to Nieuw Bethseda in the Karoo and the life of Helen Martins
      March - Jeremy Day gave us a very interesting and humorous
      Presentation of his ability to paint super realistically. How very patient he is!
      April  - Penny Steynor did a fantastic water-colour demo of a sea scene
      May- Wyn Rossouw painted a pomegranate in oils and we learned about colour  
      and values
      June Noeleen Kleve was back to do a presentation of the Venice and Sydney
      July Sonja Frenz did a most wonderful demonstration in charcoal of a landscape  

It is inspiring and rewarding to see the many different styles, methods and approaches of the various artists we all learn so much from seeing these experts so generously give of their time and knowledge.

The September 2017 exhibition ran for 24 days and had 64 artists participating who sold 63 paintings and 91 portfolios with sales totaling R166574
The January 2018 exhibition ran for 10 days and we saw 72 artists participate with 104 works sold, with sales totaling R99050
We had a lovely surprise third exhibition in April where 67 members sold 66 paintings in 10 days and brought in sales of R109000
That’s R375 000 in sales in total! Quite marvelous!
We were also kindly invited by SASA to participate in their Art in the Park exhibitions in November and March and many of our members sold paintings.
The exhibitions at Westlake have sadly come to an end, because of their renovations – if anyone has any leads on where we can exhibit, please speak to a committee member

 We were sorry to lose three very active members of our society who passed away unexpectedly this year. Richard Jacobs, Ken Hart and David Beatty are missed.

On a happier note, congratulations to our members Elize Bezuidenhout, Christopher Reid, Sonja Rivett-Carnac and Philip Cohen, who have done well in art competitions this year.

Financial Report
Melanie Meyer then spoke about the Society's finances and thanked members for paying their subs. Copies of the figures for the past year were available for members to look at.
Election of Committee
Linda gave a huge thank you to the existing committee members who have worked extremely hard this past year and been a tremendous support:
Sue Paulsen – our efficient exhibition organizer, competition coordinator and Vice-chair
Lizzie Kruger – our super secretary
Melanie Meyer - our hard working treasurer
Linda Howe-Ely - our Social Media, Blog and Face Book specialist
Carrie Lam – our librarian
Karin Davel, coordinating member evening teas, and Westlake exhibitions
Connie Rossmeisl – competitions
Elleanor Fulker – secretarial duties and admin

Election of committee for the new Financial year

Connie Rossmeisl, and Carrie Lam have resigned from the committee. Thank you for all your hard work over the past two years.

Those standing  again for 2019. (There are some changes in Portfolios)
Sue Paulsen Vice-Chair and Teas,
Melanie Meyer, Treasurer
Lizzie Kruger, Secretary
Linda Howe-Ely, Exhibitions
Karin Davel Competitions
Elleanor Fulker – secretarial duties and admin whilst Lizzie is on Maternity leave.

Linda applauded the 3 new members who volunteered to come onto the committee , welcome to Ian Jay, Belinda Basson and Noeline McMaster .
Belinda Basson  CAS Communications
Noeline McMaster, Library

All the above members as well as Linda Gotlieb were voted on to the committee.

Linda award Honorary Membership to both Sue Paulsen and Melanie Meyer who have both served 5 years on the Committee.

Linda told the meeting that she will be stepping down at the end of the year, after 3 and a half years on the committee and 2 as Chairman.
She announced that Ian Jay will take over as Chairman from January 2019

While the winners were being calculated, members had a look at the Artland "pop up shop" which had a wide variety of art materials on display. 
Members were also asked to fill out the new Membership Profile forms.
The idea of the form is to help us to get CAS to know the members better, and assist the committee to see what members are interested in.

Awarding of prizes/certificates for winners - Prizes were sponsored by Deckle Edge and Artland.

 First prize went to new member Ellen Casalena

 Second prize went to Liz Pearson

Third place went to Judy Hilton-Green

 Merit went to Lyn Northam

Merit also went to Penny Steynor

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