Monday, 17 September 2018

Opening night of our Spring Exhibition at Kirstenbosch

 Behind the scenes...
 All the artists names ready and waiting
The panels get set up and arranged by the committee with numbers ready for the artists to display their work.
 Here is the first set of paintings going up

Then there were just a few that needed to be hung and we were ready to open!

 Linda welcomed everyone and thanked Sue for all her hard work behind the scenes before introducing our guest speaker Jeremy Day who gave an inspiring talk to our artists and their guests before declaring the exhibition open!
Jeremy expanding on his A, B and Cs for artists (We are hoping for a transcript of his talk)

 Jeremy was gracious enough to encourage a first time exhibitor and gave a few hints and tips when she was brave enough to ask for a critique.

The evening was well attended by friends and families of the 71 exhibiting artists who braved the blustery weather to share in the excitement of another exhibition under way.

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