Thursday, 28 March 2019

Meeting on Tuesday 26 March 2019 - Speaker Linda Austin

Linda Austin of Artland gave a fascinating and highly informative talk and demo of the product range from Golden Artist Colours. Their primary product range are acrylic paints although members also delighted in the watercolours in the invitation to try out the Golden products after the talk.
Linda demonstrated how the Open, Heavy, Fluid and High Flow Acrylics differ

Wide range of Golden acrylics as well as watercolours.
Oils will be arriving soon

Golden products used for texturing

Open, Heavy, Fluid and High Flow Acrylics are suited to a wide range of uses and applications

Linda showed us many examples of how different products can be used.
Here Open acrylics are used very successfully for monoprinting

 The range of luminescent paints

Our Chairman, Ian Jay, thanking Linda for a highly informative and enjoyable presentation.
Members indicated their appreciation with a loud round of applause 


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