Friday, 26 April 2019

Meeting on Tuesday 23 April 2019 - Facilitator Karin Davel

Karin Davel led a fun hands-on session in which members were taken on a creative journey, learning drawing techniques, how to utilise space, line, shapes and texture to supplement their existing skillsets.

Lots of chatter and anticipation gave way to rapt attention as Karin started her session.
A huge Thank You to all those who helped set up (and clear) the room!

We started with Karin expanding on what she had written in the Palette about drawing circles and ellipses and soon we were all drawing jugs, mugs and imaginary pots

Several members offered to untangle the easels before the meeting but this was an example of Karin uses props to break up spaces, add interest to a composition and even create a whole new scene

Karin's husband patiently and very ably supported Karin with great camerawork so we could follow each part of the experience - Kudos and recognition to him for allowing this session to be part of their Wedding Anniversary evening!!
At the end of the evening we collaged all our work - this is just a small section of the wall that was covered in red and blue.
Based on the excited, energised and animated chatter and our difficulty in getting people to go home this practical, interactive session can certainly be considered a huge success!

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