Saturday, 1 June 2019

Meeting on Tuesday 28 May 2019 - Speaker Yvonne Ankerman

Yvonne Ankerman, resident artist on an Arctic Expedition ship delighted members with a presentation that covered art as well as the wildlife and environment of the Arctic. 

Watercolour sketch of the Arctic by Yvonne Ankerman

Members eagerly awaiting the talk

An iconic polar bear drawn as a zentangle

Yvonne explaining that she did many qualifications to enable her to work on board an Arctic Expedition boat. These ranged from First Aid to driving a Zodiac (rubber dinghy)


Yvonne illustrates a route chart map of each trip with scenes and animals seen. At the end of the expedition, the chart is auctioned to raise funds for the Planeterra Foundation which develops community-owned enterprises in areas where their tours operate as well as suporting Ocean Health

Smelly, moulting walruses slouch around looking quite comical

Polar bears are having to hunt further and further afield to find food, with the males often having to leave females and their cubs behind as they cannot traverse the distances, leaving them at risk of starvation

This ancient black ice is now being surfaced and is melting as a result of climate change

Ian thanks Yvonne for a really interesting talk illustrated by beautiful watercolours

Members were so intrigued looking though Yvonne's sketchbooks that they did not want to go home!

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