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All artwork displayed below was created by members of the Constantiaberg Art Society. We hope that you enjoy viewing the works.

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Ellen Casalena
Website here:
Ellen radiates enthusiasm for life and passion for art. She gravitates towards art and colour. One of the most difficult things for Ellen to do is to ‘tone things down’ – that’s like clipping her creative wings. Ellen Casalena owns a boutique design and digital studio in Cape Town called Imagine Creatives Services & Digital. She is an accomplished art director, designer, illustrator, painter, box packaging sculptor, photographer, finished artist & magician, having gained experience on many big brands and in many award winning advertising and design agencies. She thinks ‘out of the box’ and has the ability to ‘realise’ pretty much anything you can think of. Her sunny personality and enthusiasm mixed with a perfectionistic streak ensures that high production standards are maintained at her company and in her art.


Christelle Beauviche
Her facebook page link Here

The Blue Clown - 1m x 1m Mixed Medium - Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas 
Exhibited at the Blue Planet Fine Art, Muizenberg

This painting was inspired by a photo of a boy clown I took at a Magic Show in Cape Town. I love everything magic and clowns. This is the first painting for this theme. I worked with pastels for the face and acrylic paint for the background. I also played with the idea of light and dark, happiness and sadness.

Image may contain: one or more people

Geraldo R. Braga

I want to be able to accomplish art, art that is good and enjoyable to the eyes and mind of the viewers. Strong, bold and at the same time engaging, where my passion for my work is seen.

I will express the day-by-day cross-cultural nuances, as well the fragments, scenes and quotidian frames that give meaning to the cultures I partake in.

The various elements of color, together with lines, even segments of colors and different textures, serve to accentuate and enhance the meaning and significance of what has been created.

I use oils and acrylics as my primary medium and speak through the different lines, strokes, even the thickness of paint I use to evoke the environment, the scene, the moment, and the complexity and contrast. Being a foreigner in South Africa gives me the advantage to paint Cape Town or South Africa through my experiences and views.

Cell Phone: +27-76-894-4223  


Pam Cox took up art late in life and has 
Pam Cox - Kalk Bay

had no formal education in that field. 
She has had lessons with Shirley Bowes, 
Natalie Hirschmann, Margie Johnson, Adolfo McQue, Mary Serrurier, Derric van Rensburg and has participated in various workshops. 
Pam has sold through art dealers and been commissioned. She has exhibited and sold with art societies, groups and at other venues. 
Watercolours, mixed media, oils, pastels and have all been her media but creating landscapes and seascapes in oils gives her the greatest sense of satisfaction. Phone 021 685 7225.


Carol Hadfield  
My adventures in art began in my teenage years, with pencil and charcoal portraits. That focus and passion returned in 2007 when I was able to commit full time to art, at first dabbling in acrylics and later oils. I fell in love with the versatility of oil paint, and this has become my medium of choice although I have begun playing with watercolours.
I have developed an addiction to painting en plein air, something that natural beauty of Cape Town lends itself to.
More information & images on:
Website:         Carol Hadfield


Linda Howe-Ely

Was born in Port Elizabeth and did a Higher Diploma in Fine Art at the P.E. Technikon, also a BA, in History and History of Art, and after moving to Cape Town, a Post Graduate Diploma in Museum and Heritage Studies.
In Port Elizabeth she exhibited with the E.P. Society of Arts & Crafts (now ArtEC), as well as the Elaine Hopewell Gallery, and held a group exhibition at the ArtEC gallery with two art school friends. She did paintings on commission and taught art at the Technical College classes for adults and from home.
 After moving to Cape Town she joined and exhibited with various art societies. She exhibits at Kirstenbosch regularly.
 In 2016 she received a Highly Commended award for her watercolour, “Lift up Your Eyes.” She loves nature, especially the mountains and indigenous flora. She is also fascinated by history and old things.  She works in both watercolour and oil, and her work reflects these interests.    


Glynis Mayer

Glynis’s interest in, and passion for gardens

dates back to her younger days as she followed her
mother’s work in the family’s garden, and from this put
onto canvas what she saw. The beginnings of her art career
started with watercolours, progressing over the years to oils
and always using flowers as the subject.

Over the last fifteen years Glynis has worked as a landscaper,
designing gardens, and installing them.

Over recent years, she has elected to follow her dreams
and pursue her love for painting, and marry it with her love
of flowers. Glynis acknowledges her mentor, Sherri Haupt,
who has given her the confidence and tools to find her 

own handwriting.

Glynis can be contacted on 083 775 2806


Melanie Meyer 

Photographer and Artist 

What inspires me to paint is "truth." To be true to who I am. Creativity is the source of all life - in all its complexity and in all its simplicity.

I believe the greatest masterpiece of all is a life well lived.  It has taken me a lifetime to discover how I wish to live and what is necessary for my inner being to thrive; to be true to my soul. 
This is my art.  
More information & images on:


Sue Parry

Sue has always had a deep fascination with nature. 
Growing up, she liked nothing better than to ramble 
in the veld, examining the flowers and drinking in 
the landscape. As a child, she often visited 
the farm in the Transvaal where her mother 
grew up and was captivated by it. Sue has 
always enjoyed drawing and would always take 
a sketchbook or flower press with her. 
She feels that the love of nature and the colours 
of the beautiful South African landscape in all its 
moods is reflected in her work.
Sue studied botanical 
watercolour painting 
with Barbara Pike and also attended classes 
with Penny Steynor. Both artists have inspired 
her to really look at her subject. 
She also paints in oils, which is an adventure in itself. 

Sue Parry can be contacted at 076 458 5200.


Sue Paulsen

SUE PAULSEN absolutely loves good design as well as treasured items that have a story to tell - so she tries to create work that evokes memories and meaning to the viewer. Old and new, perfect and damaged - conversations of her life.
After a career in Fashion Design, a beginners course in oil painting as a birthday gift from her husband 6 years ago has started a passion for art and a new career!
Please contact Sue on 072 322 1745, email: or find her on Facebook
— with Sue Paulsen art.

Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid - Great Horned Owl

Reid was born in South Africa, but moved to the US with his family at an early
age. There he studied art at the famous Savannah College of Art & Design. He
founded an advertising firm to pay for college and worked in graphic design
for many years before returning his focus to his true love of fine art. He moved
back to South Africa in 2015 to spend time with family and explore his homeland’s
scenery and culture.
Reid now lives in Hermanus and teaches workshops regularly. An up-to-date
schedule of exhibitions, upcoming workshops, and a portfolio of hundreds of

paintings can be viewed at


Wyn Rossouw 

I have a passionate longing to capture, with truth and honesty, the essence of a subject; to try to make the ordinary, extraordinary To capture a moment in time in a painterly, atmospheric way, which will bring joy to the viewer. 
I consider myself essentially a representational artist. I am greatly influenced by the Impressionist and Post Impressionist painters,  and more recent artists such as Fred Cuming, Maggie Siner and Carolyn Anderson. My preference is to work directly from life in oils and I particularly enjoy exploring the 'Still Life' genre.

More information & images on:
Blog Url:


Christel Read
I have been painting since 1998 and  my favourite choice of medium is oil because it is very versatile, it gives such a great range of colour, texture, opacity and transparency. As a painter it never fails to amaze me how  a three dimensional world can be translated  into two dimensions  when  colours, lines and shapes are transformed into landscapes, objects and people and, most importantly, moods and emotions.

My subjects are varied, I love figures, still life, flowers and sea- and landscapes. Living in Cape Town offers many beautiful settings for plein air painting throughout the year. The beaches are always a source of inspiration, autumn is a lovely season to capture the changing colours of the vineyards or the dramatic mist over the sea and mountains.  
More information & images on: 


Anita Fuchs

"I love colour and am fascinated with blending the oils or running the watercolours. The happy accidents that feel like a discovery."

Media of choice: Oils & Watercolour

Contact: 021 712 3228


Elize Bezuidenhout

"There is nothing as amazing as a beautiful brushstroke and a sensitive line.My aim is to capture the essence of the person in my character studies rather than giving a photo realistic interpretation of the subject to evoke an emotional response. I have a "thing" for eyes and give a bit more attention to detail when painting them."                                             Style: Impressionistic realism (Realism with the brushstrokes still clearly visible)                         Media: Oils, pencils and charcoal                                  
More information & images on:
Website:         www.Elize Bezuidenhout 


Lidia Scott

I try to express the simple beauty and joy that surrounds me everyday, through rich pigments on canvas. I want to capture the domestic scenes of life that we take for granted, to remind others that there is still hope and vibrancy in the world around us.                                                              My Style: Realism                                 Media: Oils
More information & images on:


Sylvia Kelly

"Flowers inspire me to paint"         
Media: Oils                                 
More information & images on: 
Google + Page:


Shaune Rogatschnig 

"I am currently exploring the dynamics of colour and texture which can be seen in my latest series of indigenous and fynbos landscapes where juicy palette knife application and striking light help to capture the essence of my subject."
Style: Impressionist
Media: Oils
More information & images on: Website:  Facebook:

Hilary Bryan

Painting draws me into a world where I loose all concept of time and place. It is an exciting and rewarding way to spend that time and energy. I love to be close to nature, so at every opportunity I head outdoors. My artist journey encourages me to get out there to find inspiration to create new, unique works of art. What a pleasure!   Style: Realism   
Media: Oils, Watercolour, Pastels


Fil Angelakis
Painting & creating memories on canvas is my joy and delight in creating something from nothing from just a few captured photos and inspired by God’s creation and beauty all around us.  Light, colour and texture is my constant fascination in life and on canvas.
Style: Impressionist
Media: Oils & Mixed Media
More information & images on: Website:

Fran Sexton
"My inspiration? An interesting face, the interplay of light and shade, a colourful landscape or a special scene from my travels… I mainly work in my home studio from my own photographs, which often  becomes only the starting point of the finished painting! I love the use of colour and light.  
My art journey started about 15 years ago with some fun classes exploring different mediums in a very playful way. Workshops and tuition with several very different artists have ensued over the years, and have each influenced me in some way."
Style: Varies but mainly expressionist
Media: Oils & occasionally acrylic
More information & images on: Google Plus: Fran Sexton Facebook: Art by Fran  _________________________________________________________________________ Linda Gotlieb
"My art journey has only just begun after a 23 year corporate marketing career ended in 2011. Regular art classes and workshops influence and challenge me and I keep on ex  My inspiration? Seeing beauty all around me with “new eyes” since starting to paint. It’s in the shape and colour of the clouds, so different, each and every day, it’s in the look in my new puppie’s eyes, it’s in a face that I see in a crowd, and it’s in the beauty of what I see on my travels, which I photograph and use as reference material in my studio."
Style: My art style leans towards realism, though, trying too hard to create detail is not my intention, but I try rather to capture the essence of what caught my attention initially and inspired me to want to paint it.
Media: Oils & acrylic
More information & images on: Facebook: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chantelle van Zyl

"My love for nature and animals are combined in my love for art.I do each piece of art with so as to portray my subject matter in such a way that you may feel that you're seeing it for the first time.I make use of the advantage of a camera zoom lens to get you to see what you might otherwise not." Style: Realism 
Media: Oils & acrylic
More information & images on: Facebook:


Annemarie Le Roux (Ammie)
Ammie is passionate about painting.

She loves the versatility of oils but also works in acrylic.  Whilst much of her work leans towards realism, she is also working in abstracts which she finds very exciting.

She continues to introduce different techniques in order to capture the essence of her work. Ammie’s subjects are varied which she finds equally rewarding.
She portrays her subject matters in such a way that a viewer may feel that it is seen for the first time. It is her joy and delight to paint subjects taken from the beautiful creation.

Contact via:  ________________________________________________________________________

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