Westlake Exhibition

Our Society has a wall at Westlake Golf Club on which we hang paintings on a two monthly basis, kindly organized by one of our members Klaus Schilling.
It’s not an exhibition as such but does allow us a chance to market our work.


Four artists each hang 4 paintings for 2 months at a time. Sales can be made there or customers can contact the artist directly so it is very important to have a CV and contact details with your work.

If you are interested, please contact Karin Davel on 072-122 8084 and she will add your name to the list.
Artists need to come to the Westlake Golf Course on the hanging day and hang their own works and write their labels. Hanging equipment and labels are provided. Artists also need to remove their work on the appointed day.

The four artists exhibiting at Westlake for the months of September and October are Lynette Petersen, Klaus Schilling, Karin Davel and Melanie Meyer. These artists' work will be on show from the 4th Sept - 7th November

It’s wonderful to see some new members also participating in this exhibition. Well done Allan Lucraft on your sale!
Our four artists from November 2017 to beginning of February 2018 are:


Allan Lucraft           

Priscilla Schoonbee        

            Margie Cloete

Sandy Bacon 

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